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A gerência.

Today I decided to spend the whole day at home - something that I hadn't done in quite a long time - and do random, peacefull and fun things. I shall warn by now that the things I consider fun aren't necessarily fun for the rest of human kind xD

First, I woke up and took some time to enjoy the morning sky and the cousy bed, while listening to the radio. Paradiso was considerate enough not to play Renato Russo, nor anything boring/annoying that could ruin the moment of peace. So, still in bed, I spend a couple of hours reading The Complete Peanuts. Yeah xD

At some point, I realized I could not stay there the whole day and felt the urge to actually get up and take care of the morning routine stuff. After that, I read a chapter of a really bizarre book named Cock & Bull, from Will Self. We can skip that part.

Then, I decided to write on my writing machine (I also hadn't done that in a while).

Around the third paragraph, I regreted the decision, because the stupid ink decided to end without previous warning. Now I can only write in red. Great. To get black ink, I have to go downtown in this infernal heat and search a whole antique fair to find it. Any volunteers to join me in the quest?

Anyways, after getting frustraded because of a silly machine, I had lunch and watched The Sopranos. Have I ever said that I hate Christopher? Well, I fucking hate Christopher. Pardon my french.

Then I FINALLY turned on the computer and checked the sites I check everytime I get online. Since there wasn't anyone interesting on msn, I started reading old posts from the blogs I follow, wich was quite fun. But a guy came to clean my windows and I had to leave the room, so I started taking pictures with the fisheye (forest, sea, boats, sky, streets, objets etc etc). By the time he left it was around 5 pm, and that means... TEA TIME (L) For more about me and tea (and how I felt after drinking it), check this link http://praticamenteinofensiva.tumblr.com/post/289268894/eu-amo-cha-cha-e-feito-de-amor-e-pureza-quando
Btw, lovely adress, tumblr really knows how to keep it short.

Back to the whole diary thing: after the tea, me and my mom talked for a while and then I came back to the computer. That's when I decided to blog about my stupid day XD

If someone actually read the whole post: I know it must have been really boring to read all this crap, I'm sorry D: But look at the bright side, there where some nice pics! :D No? Well, I tryed. Sorry, guys!

All the best,

"To be nobody but yourself in a world which is doing its best day and night to make you like everybody else means to fight the hardest battle which any human being can fight and never stop fighting."
E.E. Cummings

4 comentários:

Retty disse...

You bitch.você tem uma maquina de escrever.

Continua atiualizando! paola2


Arthur disse...

Adoro o 'Pardon my french'. Acho super digno. XDD
By the way, nem foi boring nem nada. Foi VIDA! (L)

P.S.: Onde está escrito 'Arthur disse...' por favor leia 'Boça mandou a verdade...' -Q

biia :3 disse...

EU NAO LI TUDO CONFESSO ): fiquei com preguiça
mas juro que vi as fotos e tenho um charlie igual ao seu *-* e eu só consigo dormir com ele e tal :~

Faber disse...

Adoro o Charlie Brown. Só não gosto mais dele do que da Mafalda e do Calvin.

E, sério, achei que isso aqui tava definitivamente entregue às moscas.

Quem sou eu

Quem sou eu
Como a imagem acima mostra tão claramente, eu obviamente sou Shakespeare.